Blue dream

have dim memories of the years, leaving only a blue, deep, clarity and mysterious. Sail away like a piece of life, floating in the rivers of life Tuan Tuan, somewhere clear his fate.

  sun tow rope pulling the years passed from the old Yellow River, the trail on a wet depression show a string of crushing the feet, it is the fiber of his life marks, trapping in the patch of muddy earth, left yesterday, left to travel the journey of the soul, leaving the native country of dreams lost.

  he had stolen fire from heaven that can cave in the cave to be the sun lamp that he had thought that vomit can be a heart grief to wake up the soul numbing second memory, he thought that a few "elite" on her own Fixed a tow rope to pull the boat five years, he thought, "heavy subject" on the construction of a cultural pyramid to sink patch of land can hold up ┅ ┅

  For the anxious longing, he made a tragic trail of the Yellow River is also sorrowful reason, culture and adventure of life, so less land of China   a soldier can never be a general, but always possible General to do the "head" of the soldier, who has more than a dream.

  blue in search of that dream, he banished ┅ ┅ life

  early eighties, China, over the twinkling stars.

  It was a time trial, the fate of the reform of the throat, strangling, a wave of great times and support the traditional institutional framework of the impact that system was crumbling, history and reality are faced with severe challenges. The Silence of the intellectual can no longer silent, and the fate of the brave choice of a number of seekers.

  1983 years away Victor's name began to appear frequently in the country's most authoritative theory of several publications and newspapers:

  "China Social Science," "Philosophy," "People's Daily", "Wen Wei Po", "Guangming Daily" ┅ ┅

  only year he published more than a dozen articles.

  like a star across the intellectual over the room quietly. At that time, he is a 28-year-old soldier with no college degree.

  1984, the autumn. Yuan Zhiming admitted to Department of Philosophy, Renmin University of China, Graduate School, not into the campus to become a newsmaker, and even rank are rumors of "promotion" of the two.

  That year, he was 29 years old, with years of military service and a published book, "Social and Human" and another forthcoming book, "a heavy subject." On these two books, much later Victor had this explanation:

  "" society and people "ideology of Marxism of contemporary China, especially the historical part, made a detailed criticism. Such criticism is not subversive, but try employing view of the doctrine of Marxism to make The new interpretation. This book is actually criticized
Chinese-style Marxism, human dignity, human values and disregard for human freedom, and points out the Chinese people's enthusiasm and creativity is repressed system and culture, are misleading, this is the root cause of poverty and backwardness. "Heavy subject" is from the cultural traditions and the existing system to try to explain both how the Chinese are repressed, but unfortunately, some of the existing system on the time of publication had to be deleted. When I was such a culture and system, history, thought and reality at the end of the cross, I get this feeling: - China's hope lies in the world; achieve this hope, awakened by the world rely on the Chinese people; our generation is doomed to bear heart pain, perhaps we can become so great. "

- Yuan Zhiming " Supplements"

  Zhiming Yuan last two lines of text written in 1984 to a "heavy subject" to the end. At that time, he did not think the fate of the suffering has been prepared for him, a lonely boat has been moored at a pier next life ┅ ┅

  he took the handsome soldier, philosopher and poet of the deep passion to step onto the campus of Renmin University.

  He is the son of farmers. His heart could not on that vast underlying security, good natured and Shen redundant land, he was destined to be banished to the ground, and even one day crying out to the earth. When he announced his smartly destined to bear the pain of the mind, he has not heard, fate has been knocking at the door ┅ ┅


  he could not well aware of his inner feelings in the blue, or blue selected him. 1987, when the "blue" creative team of the Yellow River along the ancient dream, he did not know why the last hopes of finding a blue happens, happens and that the blue cover on his head ("blue" were six episodes, the first episode is "Dream", Diliu Ji is the "blue", took part in the Diliu Ji Yuan Zhiming's writer).

  in the "blue", I read this description:

  "blue sky, deep and mysterious. People used to believe that the mysterious blue depict the entire universe, it is the color of the universe.

  only twenty years ago, when humans first left Earth, in space Looking to their home, they will surprised to find that, in the current stars in the known universe, only our human home planet, is a blue planet. "

  Fengyun blue planet, in the vast universe, spinning, just like the vast galaxy where a splendid sapphire, lonely shining bright light of civilization. This is unique so far Zhiming the blue bangs, he indulged in the imagination of blue   blue that he wanted to find inspiration: why a planet in the same, when the Museum of Western civilization up, Asian Civilization they go dim it? The source of the light blue where? He rolled from the wisdom of the paddle, the beginning of a thrilling and romantic and cultural drift.

  Tuantuan surging tide of economic reform and groaned, hedge camel's political base in the high dam was under the Paoxiao, Diwai is dry and parched fields, vast land of the economic territory of Ukraine split the thirsty lips, despair, listening to the great tide of wailing, sky and shouts!

  1989, the waves of a spring night.

  Beijing, Chinese Academy of Social Economic Research Institute.

  most outstanding contemporary Chinese middle-aged group of intellectuals gathered in the night.

  room filled with smoke, flashing red flickering flame of the cigarette butts, as if the little fishing boat lights, flashing on the coast of thought.

  Victor sitting far corner of the last row.

  These days, almost every night and soak him in this elite "cultural salon", he initiated at the university organized a Reform Association. This study will be directly responsible for the State Commission for Restructuring the research topic.

  very warm meeting, it was uncompromising, is that in theory the maze in circles. Suddenly, far Zhiming outraged:

  "no time, you still arguing this!"

  clap of thunder like sound, awed by all the voices, the room silent for a second, people "brush" to look back:

  far from the last row of standing Victor, chest heaving, her face flushed with excitement:

  "Why are only sitting here pontificating, but not issue freely of?"

  after a long time, but also a spring breeze rippling the night away in Torrance, California, home of Victor, I met a Beijing reporter, six years ago, she mentioned that much hair in public Zhiming field fire, suddenly said, "others are unknown Baiyuan Zhi Ming was believed in God, how could I not surprised. I told him the deepest impression is the day when people are sitting pontificating, when only one who stood up to what you preach to. "

  wife Lily Yuan Zhiming taunt said:

  "special day 'lost envy', in our Institute of Economic Research, in the presence of so many people in the face!"

  sacred mission spur far Zhiming, he had a time to fasten his chariot, life turned into a rolling wheel, driving fast to the rugged steep rolling on the road to explore.

  Zhiming Yuan published in cooperation with the package Zunxin Books "Culture Renditions", published in Hong Kong, "Pacific Forum" opened at the Central Communist Youth League, "History of Western Political Thought," a large class of candidates to do more than the national community of researchers, Weekend colloquium, lectures around the country ┅ ┅

  indulge in his passion into, indulge in shouting among indulge in looking into, being immersed in the glory of life.

  "The thinking, the thinking about the past, the thinking time, but also the thinking self. Can not be solemnly tried myself, how can it eligible for the trial time?"

- Liu Zaifu "looking Elegy"

  Unfortunately, a few years ago, the land of their dreams in the motherland, Liu Zaifu write a poem so dignified, indulge in the glory of life among the Victor would not listen so much dignified voice.

  his eyes examined by the trial society, history and people, he thought he was the Illuminati, a knight, is the monk, he thought as long as the noble spirit of the climb on the tall pyramid, to be off the sun in the sky, shines under clouds beings.

  he said to the world, open the windows to let the sun shine in it! However, he revealed their minds locked into the attic, quietly dropped curtain, so in the depressed heart imprisoned in convulsions, struggles, Paoxiao, rage and even chaos smash things to vent their anger, the wife lamented, "there is a person, half genius, half madman ┅ ┅ ".

  China Youth Political College has a red floor bedroom, it is the castle of his soul, he left the window bright and allows the room was clouded. He was able to interpret to the world social, historical and national suffering to himself and his wife could not decipher the mystery of the suffering soul.

  He wanted to save the nation, save the country, but, he can not save himself.

  applause sounded, when, who could hear the sigh of the soul?

  clarity and blue sky outside the window, the sun on the balcony gentle and bright, the eyes of envy of the world pour in his explorations are woven into a splendid way to the Arc de Triomphe, when he passed under the door from the Arc de Triomphe, when all were released into the atmosphere of gloom ┅ ┅


  1989 年 6 月 4 am, the one that makes the world erect surprise of the night.

  fate of the "click" sound wrung rust astringent Tongsuo   look at your life, stop looking!

  earth trembled a little, the world into a swoon ┅ ┅

  Zhiming Yuan running madly in the night, he slit open his bare chest and heart Tears of Blood, sky and shouts:

  "kill you, kill it!"

  "Who is this nightmare did it?'s Enormous devil to impinge upon you, sharp claws tore your skin, and piercing your organs, it is to slowly devour your heart, smoking Dry your blood, then you wail like crazy over and over again:

  This is the dream of it, tell me this is a dream now! Can sense the earth was a thousand times thousand answer you:

  This is not a dream, this is not a dream!

  At this moment, how would you feel Oh! Already very desperate do you? You have endured! You sad biting it? You have endured! You'd rather die it? You have endured! You say this is absolutely not tolerate it? No, you have endured!

  This is me, that morning. "

- Yuan Zhiming "nightmare"

  never have thought that a vast ocean, and there will not be so small building a cottage deep philosophy, and never can resist the thin Chaoyin heart, and never at night nets to capture sea stars of the ┅ ┅

  bird blue glass ball "thumping" to break the sound by a bullet, pointed hard blizzard punctured his eyes, the world turned into a blood-red, black, rough with, Paoxiao the, tank Side , crushed the earth ┅ ┅

  1989 年 10 17, Ministry of Public Security issued an arrest warrant:

  illegal organization "Federation of Beijing intellectuals" backbone elements far Zhiming, XXX, XXX, XXX and other four persons to participate actively in inciting, organizing unrest and counter-revolutionary rebellion, commit serious crimes, it was decided to be wanted. Please access the local public security organ after the arrest warrant, the deployment of investigation work, especially in the border provinces and regions to strengthen the investigation and found that after the verdict, detention, and speed of five Ministry of Public Security reported.

Ministry of Public Security August 17, 1989

  "favored" going to turn into a "desperate"   Banqimiankong fate finally learned to worthy seekers to class ┅ ┅


Sincerely love the Lord

"May all sincere people who love our Lord Jesus Christ, all find grace." (Ephesians 6:24)

When we think of that man come to earth from heaven, the Lord Jesus Christ laid down his life blood, so loves us, no one sincerely love him, tell him how sad that this Is the Son of God to the earth with the love you can not get people ? He loves all people, including us, as if it were only a hundred sheep in each, he is looking for one by one, he is calling us one by one, he would that we all love him one by one He loves each of us simultaneously, he can appreciate the love each of us while we are watching as his only love.

Indeed, throughout the universe, world, and only the Lord loves us, not only my person is coming from him, and we all came from him everything. If anyone loves us, that is out of his arrangement, otherwise no one loves us, if not for his love and ready to do any good available.

In this way, we do not love him? He gave himself as the great love is not enough that people far beyond the love? Who more than he loves us? Who is more cute than he? Who is our real intimate it? Who ever reliable, does not change it? Who like him, totally cute? We love him for granted, is the most worthwhile and I hope we sincerely love the Lord Jesus Christ, who have kept his favor.


The sea will make you forget Jesus

"Where is your faith?" Road 8:25

Do not be silent, listen carefully. Do you hear is the sound of water small boat took a sudden, the voice of Jesus broke the silence: "Where is your faith?"

You do not dare to face him, because you know, this issue contains a rather severe rebuke behind. Do you doubt him, forgetting he is the master of heaven and earth, you have seen the resurrection of his son, called the widow and healing the paralytic, Jesus is not afraid of you see the people who threatened the leaders, he made them bewildered. His broken heart with love and acceptance of people singing to make you happy spirit! His authority is unquestionable! But you doubt him.

Of course, sitting on the grass listening to his godly words, it is easy to trust in Jesus. When you see one after another have kept treating those who suffer, we are likely to have confidence. But when you live in the storm tossed lake, you sure do not seem to feel anything, so you will be wondering.

But you will remember what happened that day, right? Well, then you when it keeping everything, if another storm comes, you will remember the lessons you have learned, and firmly believe that not only disease and evil spirits obey him, "even the winds and waves obey him! "(Mark 4:41).

Dear disciples, one day, the Holy Spirit will fill you and give you ability to take on more work. You will also remember that Jesus and know how to trust your soul to be filled with God and become more peaceful, so completely free from the impact of wind and waves roaring around you.


Take my hand

One day, my whole family and a young couple went to the lighthouse lake Michigan, where the lake rough, great tide. I heard the little girl said to her father: "Dad, this section was terrifying yo, you walk beside me, holding my hand."

Sometimes, life will have this time of fear: the loss of a loved one, facing financial crises, health problems and so on. When we bring these burdens and worries, they all look forward to a double strong hand holding us and lead us through secure.

When Joshua succeeded Moses as leader of the Israelites, Moses asked him to remember how God helped him during difficult times. The hardships facing the future, trust must be remembered Joshua Moses reminded God and His promises. Moses said: "The Lord will go before thee, he will be with you, and will not leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid, nor be dismayed." (Deuteronomy31章8节)

In Isaiah41章13Section the word of God encourages us: "Because I am the Lord your God will hold thy right hand, say to you: Do not be afraid! I will help you." Face a difficult life, God with us, we can pull his hand.

Lowe. Alexandria's poems remind us of God and that: "Life or high ranges, the desert wilderness, life low; sometimes the sky always blue, and sometimes the north winds blow. But remember you're not alone ... ... Jesus is on your side. "He is always with us, in times of fear holding our hands.


The true bread from heaven

Everyone is eager to get the true bread of life, but they know what the true bread, the difficulties to come! Jews are bewildered, can not understand the truth of Christ declared. Maybe they are accustomed to the pursuit of material desires of the people, so they see the truth, naturally, only on the physical level. Because, accustomed to secular standards in appearance and judge things, and they can know, is also limited to the confines of this world, but never think of God's greatest message is caused by a carpenter, and he is from heaven down real food.

"Christ is the bread of life", which is a grace bestowed by God's initiative. God has many multi-party Xiao Yu, enlightenment, that is, except that the depths of understanding the life within, there is a non-material can fill the hungry and thirsty people will listen, chew this revelation? Of significance. And by God's guidance, to the thinking, confidence, eating and drinking it on the bread of life. Brothers and sisters, we are being attracted by Christ's perfect life of the people, we are eating his flesh and drink his blood, humble people, are willing and the life of Christ on the inside of the inside out to us was, to witness that he is the true bread of life.


After reading like 10 seconds, you will change yourself!

A pair of brothers, they lived in 80 floors. One day they travel home to find the building a power cut! Although they are carrying a large bag of luggage, but it seems there is no other choice, so the elder brother said, we go up the stairs! So they began to climb the stairs carrying two packages luggage. Climbed to the 20th floor when they were beginning, my brother said, "bag is too heavy, it is better so be it, we put bags on here, so after the elevator to come and collect calls." So they put your luggage on the 20th floor and relaxed, continue to climb.
They talked and laughed to climb, but it did not last long, to 40 buildings, two very tired. Think I would have climbed only half, they began blaming each other, accused each other of not pay attention to the building of the power outage announcement, will come to such a fate. They climb side noisy side, so all the way to climb the 60 floor. To the 60 floor, too tired to even argue that they have no strength. Brother, his brother said, "We do not quarrel, and climbed it right." So they quietly continue climbing stairs, and finally to 80 F! The brothers came to the door with excitement only to find their keys in a bag in the 20th floor.
Some say that this story is actually a reflection of our life: 20 years old, we live with family, under the expectations of teachers, burdened with a lot of stress, burden, and he is not mature enough, insufficient capacity, so walking is inevitable instability. After 20 years of age, left the crowd pressure, remove the burden, began to go all out to pursue their dreams, it is so happily over 20 years. But to 40-year-old youth is past that can not help but have a lot of regret and repent, they begin to regret this, regret that, complaining about this, hate that, so spent in the complaint in 20 years. To 60 years old, found that life is running low, then told myself not to complain, and to cherish the rest of the day! So quietly finish their years. To the end of life, he come to own what seems to have not completed, the original, all our dreams were left in a 20-year-old youth.
Were great because of their dreams, opportunities will always belong to those who prepared and act now!


Women how to self-growth

In last week's show Time talking about the crisis facing middle-aged man , also talked about some of the crisis facing middle-aged women . With the crisis going to face , but also to find a way how the crisis into opportunity. In this week 's show time, Hu teacher should further talk to us about how to help women through their mid-life crisis , Mr. . Also talk about how women themselves through self- growth, to help you face life in many aspects of the crisis.
Speaking last week, women face a variety of crises, of which one is the women are concerned about a crisis of our own , we have Mr. crisis facing them all . Speaking last week, the crisis faced by Mr. , the basic is very close to the place with the women is to get to middle age , no longer young. At this time , they have a lot of hesitation and do not know how to face their own road ahead , not only is the case, we also talked about career , Mr. , no matter how kind he is , it will be possible to have a midlife crisis . In fact, the proportion of men than women mid-life crisis is higher. We also mentioned that a man lost his past relationships, so he was like to have close friends , but in the meantime, his wife also has its own challenges, his wife has entered middle age , no longer young, as if nothing Is not the time to understand what it all by Mr. . Women now entering middle age , and by the very capable Mr. trained children , and anything that can work independently of the . So , no longer as in the past , nothing would be more respect for the views of Mr. , now entering middle age women also have a great views. In this way , sir, would feel very lonely , he may be out looking for people who know him , and that women at this time how to do it?
We will now talk about how to help women through his midlife crisis , Mr. . There is a saying that "to know ourselves victorious , "so , we'll know his middle age, when President , he met what kind of a challenge. We found that men usually have a phenomenon that is out of the school is learning is completed. However, many of the so-called self-growth is no longer a man out of the schools studied . " no school "means does not mean that he would not face these crises , this emotional fluctuations. He did not go school , and that his wife had to go to get to know more . If you think you sir, look like a midlife crisis , what is not a good mood , want to change careers, what they feel lonely . So , women can look at some mid-life crisis book , we learn more about your husband after he is what the mood , listen to his voice. In many cases, the couple seems to be a model of interaction , just , what to eat today ? Children how? Is the only, nothing else , do not know what to talk . Therefore, women can learn is how to not have speech, we mentioned earlier , if a lot of women , men seem less so .
Some people do research in the United States , men talk about 7000 words a day , average, twice as many women than men talk about the word . Therefore, very often , if a woman filled with nowhere to vent, and so on , ah , ah , waiting for the door , Mr. . Mr. often of his words have been 7000 when the finished work , came home and had nothing to say. Wife on the crackling , the Mr. in front of a fire , then stomach . So, to learn that his wife has been told not to , you can go and sisters have much to say, you can find your friends say, but President back, listen to his situation today, how to work (for example : the old How about you Ah king ? bosses have appreciated you here? ) to ask about their President, so he can speak out, struggling to understand what he was in the end , what distress. We women are often too many words that do not have a listening ear , more reading, more understanding, in the end what is faced by men , should know more about your husband needs.
If you want to share their feelings , Mr. , voice , remember do not speak of Mr. , then it follows that you pick one of his weaknesses , for some of the things he did , again began to accuse him. In fact, " listening to "We all need to learn , we will not listen to other people inside the meaning of words , we do not know that . "Listening "are need to practice , because in the course of our growth , our parents rarely listen to our speech. We are each talking , but no one was listening , so learning to "listen "is a science . We can go see what kind of books can teach us how to listen to others speak , can really have empathy to listen carefully .
Have a couple cold gentleman , his wife to go to the doctor with their husbands , the doctor asked, say: " What illness ? " his wife said: " He had a cold . " asked the doctor said: "The cold days of Rights ? " his wife and replied: "He has seven days of the cold . "" Where is that not sick ? " his wife said : "He's sore throat . " results of the doctor asked: " Who is sick in the end ? " This example We , his wife say too many words for the President , and that he is very aware of their husband , and him how I know. But in fact , there is no opportunity to express , Mr. , Mr. eventually wanted , it would tell you better. Mr. so many more quiet, which is trained by his wife . But in fact the more silence , Mr , Mrs contrary, the more unhappy the more satisfied. " Why do not you speak ? I called to talk to you why you do not speak ? " But the problem is under pressure in this way , no one speaks out. Such an interaction in middle age, when the more obvious places , and more to sad.
If the wife every time , said: "Come on, we have to get to talk . " In fact, that is not to talk about Mr. problem is that you judge me to start again . In this case, the relation between two people is really very healthy, so the President will be getting close themselves more and do not want to talk. He retracted his safety zone , the more you force him to say, the more he refused to speak , and the more unhappy wife to wife to complain about a pile. More blame his wife , sir, no more afraid to speak , so the vicious cycle in which a constant , to get out of this vicious circle is possible , it may be how what? One Is to do " before I came to change . "
Where a lot of family and marriage issues , we regard the arrow points to each other, always said , " is he / she , he / she changed like a " matter of fact, if one party is willing to change first , married life will change. There is a saying that the shortest way to change the other side is to change yourself.